It has a ginjo aroma reminiscent of berries and a rich flavor. It is a sake with a refreshing fruity aroma and a soft, thick flavor that does not make you feel its high alcohol content.

Sake meter value +5
Acidity 1.5
How to drink cold
Producer Kitajima Sake Brewing Company, Ltd.

※Sake meter value・・・Sake Meter Value” (SMV), or “Nihonshu-do” in Japanese, is a scale indicating the sweetness or dryness of sake. Positive values mean drier sake, negative values suggest sweetness, and values near zero indicate a balanced profile. It helps consumers choose sake based on their taste preferences, with dry sake pairing well with savory dishes and sweet sake complementing desserts.

※Acidity・・・The “acidity” of Japanese sake is a measure of its sourness, with higher values indicating more acidity and lower values suggesting a milder taste. Moderate acidity contributes to a refreshing quality that pairs well with food. Typically ranging from 0.7% to 2%, acidity varies based on production methods and ingredients. It is a factor that influences the quality of sake, adjusted by brewers during the brewing process.


Konan City in Shiga Prefecture is located southeast of Lake Biwa. The cold winters unique to a lake coun-try, the Hiei oroshi (local wind), the soft, high-quality subsoil water from the Suzuka Mountains to the east, and the high-quality Omi rice from Shiga, the home of rice, create the perfect environment for sake brew-ing. Kitajima Shuzo was founded in 1805, the second year of the Bunka era, and for more than 200 years since its establishment, the brewery has been using traditional methods and reliable techniques. The lessons learned from “Kimoto-zukuri” are applied and practiced in all aspects of sake brewing. Kitajima Shuzo is a sake brewing company that pays attention to the details that are not written on the label, and does not allow any compromise. Kitajima Shuzo’s two brands, the standard “Miyosakae” and the challenging “Kitajima,” are all about evolving tradition.






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