This sake was awarded the Gold Prize (Junmai-shu category) at the London Sake Challenge, the oldest sake competition in Europe organized by the Sake Sommelier Association.

Sake meter value -70
How to drink cold
Producer Mori Sake Brewing Company, Ltd.

※Sake meter value・・・Sake Meter Value” (SMV), or “Nihonshu-do” in Japanese, is a scale indicating the sweetness or dryness of sake. Positive values mean drier sake, negative values suggest sweetness, and values near zero indicate a balanced profile. It helps consumers choose sake based on their taste preferences, with dry sake pairing well with savory dishes and sweet sake complementing desserts.


Hirado, where Mori Shuzojyo is located, was the first port town in Japan to flourish as a base for overseas trade, and 400 years ago, Portuguese, Dutch, and British trading houses stood side by side there. In such an exotic town, Kokichi Mori, the founder of the company, started the business under the name of “Komatsuya” in 1895. Since then, supported by local rice and the famous water gushing from the foot of Saikyoji Temple, the company has continued to brew sake that attracts people in its hometown while contributing to Hirado tourism by opening up the brewery and supporting local festivals. During the Age of Discovery which, was 400 years ago, Western navigators called Hirado “Firando”, and in even older times it was also called “Hiran”. In order to let people feel the terroir of Hirado, the main brand name is “Hi-ran”, and in recent years, “Firando” Junmai Genshu, has also been released.






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