Houraisen Princess Michiko

The distinctive exquisite fragrance of rose yeast, a gentle and soft texture, with a clean and beautiful taste.

How to drink cold
Producer Sekiya Brewing Company, Ltd.

関谷醸造株式会社 公式サイト

Sekiya Jozo was established in 1864, and is famous in Aichi Prefecture for its local sake “Houraisen”. The brewery’s approach to sake brewing is “Wajoryoshu” (which means harmony brews good sake). Good sake is produced in a good environment where the brewers can work comfortably. The harsh processes of sake brewing which requires a lot of physical strength are mechanized, and the human labor saved by the mechanization is used to collect and analyze data for reproducible sake brewing. As a result, the brewery is able to maintain a stable supply while maintaining high quality, and has become the most popular and technologically advanced brewery in Aichi. Sekiya Jozo is particular about the rice, and polishes all of it in-house. Other popular services include tours of the brewery, sales by weight, and “made-to-order” sake where you can choose the flavor, aging period, and label to create your own original sake.






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