Toyobijin Princess Michiko

The enchanting fragrance wafts through the nose, and a refined sweetness along with the savory essence of rice spreads across the palate.

Sake meter value -5
Acidity 1.6
How to drink cold
Producer Sumikawa Shuzo

※Sake meter value・・・Sake Meter Value” (SMV), or “Nihonshu-do” in Japanese, is a scale indicating the sweetness or dryness of sake. Positive values mean drier sake, negative values suggest sweetness, and values near zero indicate a balanced profile. It helps consumers choose sake based on their taste preferences, with dry sake pairing well with savory dishes and sweet sake complementing desserts.

※Acidity・・・The “acidity” of Japanese sake is a measure of its sourness, with higher values indicating more acidity and lower values suggesting a milder taste. Moderate acidity contributes to a refreshing quality that pairs well with food. Typically ranging from 0.7% to 2%, acidity varies based on production methods and ingredients. It is a factor that influences the quality of sake, adjusted by brewers during the brewing process.

Sumikawa Shuzo is a sake brewery located in Japan. Known for its commitment to traditional brewing methods, Sumikawa Shuzo produces high-quality sake with a focus on craftsmanship. The brewery is recognized for its clear and refined sake, showcasing a dedication to clarity and elegance in both flavor and presentation. Sumikawa Shuzo’s sakes often feature a balance of fruity notes and a smooth palate, reflecting the brewery’s commitment to producing sake that embodies both tradition and innovation.






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